Bremen City Dialogue - Aesthetics of a Sustainable Cycle-Oriented Architecture

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The Bremen City Dialogue, in which bdla Lower Saxony Bremen is involved, is an integral part of local building culture. Since 2005, urban developments, current competitions or general questions about architecture, landscape and space in Bremen and Bremerhaven have been publicly discussed within its framework.

The current urban dialogue has the aesthetics of a sustainable and circular architecture as its theme.

Tuesday, 25.10.2022 - 7.00 p.m.

Location: RE.MATERIAL - open studio of circular building,

Vor dem Stseintor 95/97, 28203 Bremen, Germany

Building today is a largely linear process in which large amounts of resources are consumed. At the same time, the construction industry is responsible for more than half of the waste generated in Germany. In order to build more sustainably and conserve resources, current practice must be questioned and more thought must be given to material cycles.

But what does this change mean for the image of architecture - does the change not only demand new planning approaches, building techniques and sets of rules, but does it also require new aesthetics? The question of whether sustainable and circular architecture will also change the face of our built environment will be explored in this urban dialogue.

Hannah Kordes (Projektgruppe Werk, Bremerhaven)
Matthew Crabbe (Natural Building Lab, TU Berlin)
Lutz Robbers (Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg)
Panel: Ute Oechantsreiter (Architect, Bremen)
Moderation : RE:MATERIAL

The number of participants is limited. Please come in time.

The event will be recorded.

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