Floating gardens at the state horticultural show in Bad Gandersheim

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Since the beginning of the State Garden Show in Bad Gandersheim, the "Floating Gardens" can be admired on one of the Osterberg lakes. They are the result of a competition for young designers organized by the Lower Saxony Bremen Regional Association. This was won by the graduates of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences Dorothee Harms, Teelke Limbeck and Lina Anna Harders-Sistig, with their installation "When water meets water".

Bild: Georg Grobmeyer

Bild: Georg Grobmeyer

The jury judged: "A beautiful and poetic idea that very vividly demonstrates the impact of a drop of water on the water surface. Even the size of the drop and the resulting concentric ripples are reflected in a design that is exceptionally sensitively implemented - both in the technical detailing and in the choice of plants adapted to the location." The island and rings were specially produced by DFW-Kunststoff- und Anlagenbau GmbH, while the perennials were provided free of charge by the container construction school Stauden Michael Kunz.

With a blooming aspect over the entire period of the national horticultural show, this scenic part of the national horticultural show is supplemented by a beautiful aspect.

The result of the competition.

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