Planners' associations at the Real Estate 2023 in Hanover

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Like last year, the Real Estate Arena (REA) will take place in Hannover on May 24 and 25, 2023. REA is a new format of Deutsche Messe AG: "Germany's new real estate fair". At its premiere last year, it generated positive attention nationwide.

ressource architecture at the "Real Estate Arena" 2023

The bdla regional association of Lower Saxony Bremen was strongly represented as a partner of the fair as well as a co-organizer at the stand entitled "ressource architektur". This joint stand is supported by various architectural associations and institutions, including the Lower Saxony Chamber of Architects,
the BDA, the BDB, the BDLA, the BDIA, the Netzwerk Baukultur für Niedersachsen, Leibniz University and Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
Once again, this successful alliance will present itself on a joint stand, which will once again not only be designed but also built by the students of the university and the college. This year, the stand will consist of several thousand small wooden modules that can be assembled into space-creating structures - and then easily taken apart and reused after the trade fair. Thus "ressource architektur" shows the
way how the future can be built: sustainable, modular and together!

An impression over the successful meeting in the past year mediates the magazine to the conditions under:

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