Statement on the amendment of the NArchtG

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Amendment of the Lower Saxony Architects Act and the Lower Saxony Engineers Act and amendments to Section 53 of the Lower Saxony Building Code

Association participation

The bdla Lower Saxony Bremen welcomes in particular the addition of § 25 para. 1 No. 1 NArchtG-E, which takes into account current requirements for sustainable planning by adding the phrase "takinginto account theprotection of natural resources". Landscape architects in particular combine knowledge of ecological relationships with planning competence. They bear a significant design responsibility for the state of the natural foundations of life and their interaction with the social and built environment.

In the statement it is pointed out once again to the solution of the draft author regulation in § 53 NBauO, which is not satisfactory from the viewpoint of the landscape architects. This essential demand of many years of the bdla in the amendment of the Lower Saxony Building Code, concerning § 53, has still not been taken up and we suggest to include this still in the amendment. In particular before the above-mentioned proposed addition of § 25 NArchtG.

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