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Quality offensive open space

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We are committed to ensuring that open space quality standards are met when securing and redeveloping residential, commercial and industrial areas.

For example, in the context of events (FREIRAUMgespräche: Qualitätsoffensive Freiraum-Handlungsfeld der Städte) and intensive discussions with representatives from politics, administration and business. In autumn 2014, the Ministry for Building, Housing, Urban Development and Transport published a guide on the topic of "Urban Green Space - Concepts and Instruments". The contents of the guide show how important urban green space is for meeting future challenges in urban planning. Mentioned are climate adaptation, design of livable urban quarters in the context of further internal densification, "green infrastructure" and the healthy city, biodiversity in the sense of ecological standards, but not least a (open space) building culture.

However, sustainable urban development cannot and must not be limited to the relatively small proportion of public space; it is also necessary to rethink private land in the sense of the above-mentioned goals, to develop high-quality and future-proof open spaces. The planning authorities, but also the design advisory councils in the municipalities, lack control options in the large number of simplified procedures in the built-up inner area.

The binding open space plan in the building supervisory procedure can have an important bundling function here; it contributes to the simplification of procedures, creates legal certainty and ensures compliance with the objectives formulated by the state.

The aim of the Association of German Landscape Architects - bdla nw is to establish the open space plan as a separate (optional) component of the building permit procedure within the framework of the amendment to BauONW; the plan authors are landscape architects. Alternatively, ways should be shown how municipalities can make this instrument mandatory via municipal bylaws.

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