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The bdla has represented the interests of landscape architects as by far the strongest force in recent years. Also in the coming election period beginning with the XII. Representative Assembly we will continue this commitment. The bdla is the only association that is exclusively dedicated to the interests of landscape architects. After the elections on 9 December 2020, we will still be represented with seven seats in the Assembly of Representatives and in the Landscape Architects Committee. We thank you for your vote and your trust!

Traditionally, the professional associations perform a large part of the voluntary work. The Association of German Landscape Architects (bdla), with its 180 members in NRW, has achieved a great deal: without the bdla, landscape architects would not even be members of the chambers of architects, the professional title "landscape architect" would not be protected, and our fees would not be regulated in the HOAI.

A short portrait of our seven members of the representative assembly, who will represent the interests of landscape architects from 2021:

In addition to the elected members of the Assembly of Representatives, other colleagues are also involved in bodies and committees of the Chamber of Architects.

Board member/assessor
Friedhelm Terfrüchte

Arbitration board/assessor
Christian Jürgensmann

Members of the electoral board:
Christian Jürgensmann


  • Landscape Architecture: Norbert Hellmann, Chairman; Thomas Dietrich, Andreas Hermanns, Friedhelm Terfrüchte, Burkhard Wegener, Christine Wolf
  • Profession, Economy, Digitalisation: Matthias Funk
  • Professional Qualification: Marcel Wiegard
  • Legal basis of professional practice: Rainer Steinmeier
  • Public Relations: Jutta Sankowski
  • Competition and Awarding: Christian Jürgensmann
  • Planning and Construction: Friedhelm Terfrüchte
  • Urban Planning: Burkhard Wegener
  • Registration Committee: Matthias Lill

Regional Competition advisor:

  • Prof. Norbert Kloeters
  • Christine Wolf

Expert Committee:
Stephan Lenzen

Academy Advisory Board:
Marcel Wiegard

Foundation Board:
Ina Bimberg



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