CONFERENCE - PrimaKlima in landscape architecture 19.6.

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Symposium on climate-resilient planning -
Practical examples, concrete technical solutions, arguments for their implementation:
How climate-resilient projects in open space can be realized!

19 June 2019 Dresden

bdla Sachsen

bdla Sachsen


What challenges does regional climate change pose to the design of urban neighbourhoods?
Dr. Astrid Ziemann, TU Dresden, Chair of Meteorology

Climate adaptation in Dresden
Franziska Reinfried, City of Dresden, Environmental Office/ Urban Ecology

Living cities through creative use of water
Hendrik Porst, Landscape Architect, Studio Dreiseitl

Christoph Bennerscheidt, EADIPS/ FGR Heren

The detailed description of the event and the registration form can be found here.

The symposium is part of the extensive supporting programme to the exhibition "Prima Klima. That is Landscape Architecture".
Further information on the exhibition and the accompanying events can be found here.

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