Erfurt Dialogue of the bdla Thüringen

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The Erfurt Dialogue as our new Erfurt Working Days has served for years as an important discussion forum for current issues in landscape and object planning.

The term "Green Infrastructure" (GI) addresses the need for preservation and improvement of ecosystems and their services as "green" infrastructure to be as indispensable for the development of a country as "grey", i.e. technical infrastructure. This applies both to the "open" landscape and to settlement areas.

Investments in green infrastructure should therefore be just as important from a social point of view as, for example, investments in grey (=technical) infrastructure. For this reason, it is also urgently necessary from an economic point of view to give equal consideration to ecological aspects from the outset when building or expanding technical infrastructure or in the context of urban development.

This requires consistent, holistic and sustainable planning approaches, as they are - also in Thuringia - insufficiently practiced so far. The Thuringia regional group of the Association of German Landscape Architects, bdla and the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences (FHE), Landscape Architecture Department would like to discuss the topic of "Green Infrastructure" together with planning partners and public clients on 27 March 2019 as part of the "Erfurt Dialogue" and thus further promote an interdisciplinary, sustainable planning culture in Thuringia.

For all further information, please refer to the event brochure.

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