Turn of the times - Review of the New Year's reception of the green associations in Thuringia

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On the evening of January 25, 2023, the Thuringian regional group of the bdla together with the DGGL and the FGL Hesse-Thuringia had invited to the now 24th New Year's reception of the green associations.

Foto: Steve Bauerschmidt

Foto: Steve Bauerschmidt

The event finally took place again live in the cannon courtyard of the Erfurt Horticultural Museum after a two-year break from Corona. After reviews and outlooks on the activities of the three associations, there followed an engaging greeting by Torsten Weil, State Secretary in the Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture.

After the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow", performed by the Jena guitarist Andres Böhmer and the Rastenberg singer Anna Martin, the Karlsruhe engineer and landscape architect Dr. Katrin Korth, Büro KorthStadtRaumStrategien, with her lecture "Zeitenwende" (turn of the times) spanned a convincing arc from today's status quo to profound changes in our work content to a resilient future of our living spaces.

Das Bild zeigt Thomas Bleicher, Vorsitzender DGGL, Torsten Weil, Staatssekretär TMIL, Karsten Hain, Präsident FGL Hessen-Thüringen und Wolfram Stock, Vorsitzender bdla Thüringen
(from left): Thomas Bleicher, Chairman DGGL, Torsten Weil, State Secretary TMIL, Karsten Hain, President FGL Hessen-Thüringen and Wolfram Stock, Chairman bdla Thüringen / Photos: Steve Bauerschmidt, Text: Wolfram Stock
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