Online training course "The water-sensitive city - multifunctional street spaces"

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The Thuringia regional group is organizing a training course on the topic of multifunctional street spaces on 21 November 2023.

Straßenraum. Bildrechte: BDLA LG Thüringen

Straßenraum. Bildrechte: BDLA LG Thüringen

Cities today present a picture of highly dense street spaces. Both the surfaces and the subsoil are heavily built up. Weather extremes such as prolonged periods of heat and drought alternate with heavy rainfall events.

The degree of sealing means that water cycles no longer exist. The existing technical systems collapse. The water seeks its own path and floods unpredictable areas. It is necessary to react to this situation in planning and in practice. How can streetscapes cushion and harmonize the increasing competition between land uses? How can existing streetscapes be converted into "green-blue" streetscapes?

The BlueGreenStreets research project is presented here. A toolbox was developed within this research project. Its application will be explained in another presentation using an example.

The third presentation is dedicated to the topic of tree grids. The functionality will be explained using current plans and a best practice example.

1. Lecture:
Presentation of the BlueGreenStreets research project
Speaker: Matthias Pallasch, Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH

2. Lecture
Application of the toolbox using the example of the Hagenauer Strasse climate street feasibility study in Berlin-Pankow
Speaker: Mr. Hübner, BGMR Landschaftsarchitekten

3rd lecture
Application and functionality of the Stockholm Model
Speaker: Dipl. Ing. Annika Sailer, UNIOLA

Registration deadline is November 18, 2023.


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