3rd Symposium on Child Safety in Playgrounds. Munich, 18 - 20 October

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The focus of the 3rd symposium is on barrier-free playground design. There is a lot of uncertainty here and few good examples of implementation. We will explore the questions: How does the art of designing attractive play environments succeed? When does "overprotection" impair the play value? We will also discuss the current changes in the regulations, such as the missing parts of DIN EN 1176 and the new version of DIN 18 034: Playgrounds and open spaces for play.

The symposium offers suggestions and ideas and invites an active exchange of ideas. In the outdoor area, a course offers participants interesting, new experiences - on paths and surfaces that we might not have considered passable until now.

A new feature is a day specifically for playground users. Various contributions on Sunday, 20.10. will teach parents, educators and children what makes good playgrounds, how much risk is permissible and desired and what is meant by the term play value.

Focus topic
"All Inclusive" - the UN Convention of the same name has been in force as national law since 2009. Its declared aim is to enable all people to participate in all areas of public life on a largely equal and self-determined basis - regardless of what preconditions they bring with them.
In recent years, we have received more and more inquiries about how this can be implemented in connection with playground planning and design. "Inclusive play spaces" that are more than "wheelchair accessible", that provide play opportunities for all children; however, this does not mean that every piece of play equipment has to be usable by every child.
"Inclusive play space - how does it work?" is the main topic of this year's symposium. From numerous perspectives, presentations illustrate how "all inclusive" can be implemented attractively and with high play value for all users - even on existing playgrounds.

Target group
The conference is aimed at everyone involved in the safety of playgrounds: Specifically to those responsible in local authorities and communities / day care facilities and schools, but also to those entrusted with planning, maintenance and inspection. For the first time this year we offer special information for interested private persons on an additional day.

Place: Vocational school center (large assembly hall). Riesstraße 34-40, 80992 Munich
Date: 18 - 20 October 2019
Organiser: Massstab Mensch
Information and registration:
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