TV Tip: Under & Over. How cities can grow sustainably

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A four-part architecture film series by BR. Broadcast as part of the ARD theme week "Stadt.Land.Wandel" on 10 / 17 November 2021.

Nanyang Technological University Singapore. © Bayerischer Rundfunk

Nanyang Technological University Singapore. © Bayerischer Rundfunk

Cities have always been growth magnets, centres of power, cultural strongholds, economic engines. But never before have so many people worldwide lived in cities as today. And the number is growing all the time. The coveted living space of the city has long since threatened to become a nightmare. Housing shortages, a lack of green spaces, traffic gridlock - density, cramped conditions, noise, stress - this is often the reality today.

But there are solutions that show how urban spaces can be expanded vertically through upward and downward growth and upgraded through cleverly designed densification. And this can be done without sealing a single additional square metre of soil. The city of the future will be - quite literally - more multi-layered.

'Trailer \"Drunter und Drüber. Wie Städte nachhaltig wachsen können\". Quelle: Bayerischer Rundfunk'

The series Drunter und Drüber presents trend-setting projects from around the world: From a small rooftop structure in Vienna to a multi-level building landscape in Seoul. From the underbuilt terraced house garden in London to the Singapore Underground Masterplan, which envisages the city state growing downwards on up to seven levels.

Sustainability in the form of repurposing and expanding existing buildings and infrastructure plays a central role, as with New York's High Line or an urban highway in Seoul converted into a park. Under and over: A view into the city of the future.

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