Medal "Munich shines" for Peter Kluska

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Open space culture plays an important role in a city of millions. Landscape architect Peter Kluska recognized this early on and helped create some of the city's most important open spaces. In particular, the design of the Westpark, of which Kluska is considered the "father", goes back to his design.

For this and for his contribution to the design of other open spaces, Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter presented Peter Kluska, in the presence of his wife Dr. Edith Kluska-Szügyi, with the silver medal "München leuchtet - Den Freundinnen und Freunden Münchens" on 17 July 2020.

Foto: Michael Nagy / Presseamt München

Foto: Michael Nagy / Presseamt München

Westpark Munich. Photo: Markus Schäf

Kluska has been working as an independent landscape architect bdla in Munich since 1970. In 1983, as part of the International Garden Exhibition, his design for the layout of the Westpark was implemented. Kluska worked on the planning and implementation of this project for six years. With this area, which is reminiscent of an Alpine foothill landscape, Kluska created an exemplary recreational area which, despite the Mittlerer Ring and the motorway feeder road, is one of the most important and much-used park areas in Munich. Kluska was also able to contribute his knowledge of citizen-oriented urban design to the City Design Commission, of which he was a member from 1991 to 1997.

Kluska also designed several open spaces around large public building complexes such as the Dritter Orden Clinic or the primary school and support centre in Margarethe-Danzi-Strasse. The Haidenaupark in Haidhausen and the Kabinettgarten of the Munich Residenz can also be traced back to Peter Kluska. For the latter it was already honored 2005 with an appreciation of the German landscape architecture price.

The bdla Bavaria congratulates its member of many years very cordially!

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