100 meters of future - temporary redesign of the Schwanthalerstraße in Munich

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On August 23, the Referat für Stadtverbesserung*, a collective of architecture and urbanism students from the Technical University of Munich, transformed a section of Schwanthalerstraße into a more livable street space. Through the temporary redistribution of space in the urban area, a signal was sent for more justice of space.

You can read a follow-up report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

© Referat für Stadtverbesserung*

© Referat für Stadtverbesserung*

For too long, traffic has determined the appearance and distribution of the city's limited space. Social life has been largely pushed off the street, cyclists and pedestrians have been relegated to the edges of the street.

The project "100 Meter Future" is an attempt to create a new reality in the street space. With the help of built and digital interventions, an alternative reality was presented to the visitors. Based on a concept developed in advance, the aim was to make the positive idea of the future of a city in line with its space tangible and to evaluate and further develop it in discourse with the residents on site.

© Department for Urban Improvement

For the duration of the event, the relevant part of Schwanthalerstrasse was closed off and a wide-ranging programme and activities were held there. The street was planted with real plants, seating was provided and various activities were planned throughout the day: Besides live music, there was a yoga session, a street picnic and a pop-up cinema.

The event took place with the support of GreenCity and bdla Bayern.

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