New branch office management in Bavaria

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As head of the bdla Bavaria office, Ursela Schwertl has played a key role in shaping an entire era of the bdla Bavaria. After more than 25 years, she handed over the baton to her successor Elisabeth Auer on 1 October 2020.

A conversation about the new beginning.

Foto: Michael Ecker

Foto: Michael Ecker

Welcome to bdla Bavaria, Elisabeth! You took over the management of the bdla Bavaria office in October - what appeals to you most about this task?

Carrying stones weighing several centimeters in the summer heat, plus the rough tone on the construction site: these were my first impressions during my training as a landscape gardener. For a short time I doubted whether this was the right career choice. But then I learned to appreciate the varied work more and more every day and became sensitized to all the issues that are currently driving the industry, such as the immense land consumption, the careless use of finite resources or the constantly new legal regulations that require innovative and creative solutions.

During my studies at the latest, it became clear to me that we people with "green professions" bear a great responsibility in society. As the office manager of bdla Bavaria, I am now in a position where I can support the members of the association, represent their interests and thus do my part for the sustainable development of town and country. It motivates me very much to be able to contribute now to bring something forward!

You completed the dual study course in Landscape Construction and Management at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, simultaneously trained as a gardener specialising in horticulture and landscaping, and then worked as a course assistant for the Landscape Construction and Management course at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. What experience do you have that is particularly helpful for the association's work?

During my dual studies, I gained a broad insight into theory and practice and had contact with a wide variety of people in the various training areas - whether on the construction site or in the lecture hall: working with different partners in a solution-oriented manner at all times was an extremely valuable experience that will definitely be helpful to me as a representative of the members of bdla Bavaria.
In my work as a course assistant, I then learned above all to work in a structured and goal-oriented manner without losing sight of the big picture. A reliable, prudent and confidential way of working is indispensable in association work - I can provide this for the professional association.

Are there any topics in landscape architecture to which you would like to devote yourself in the future - personal matters of the heart, so to speak?

I have been a beekeeper for more than ten years now, so nature conservation and ecology are very close to my heart. It would be great if I could make a lasting contribution to nature conservation and biodiversity. Everyone is talking about climate change at the moment - I would like to seize the opportunity to make a difference here and work to ensure that our industry gets the attention and weighting in decision-making that it deserves.

You've been an active member of the volunteer fire brigade since 2004, so you bring an overview and calmness even in crisis mode, don't you?

Yes, keeping calm and an overview is of course the most important thing in a volunteer fire brigade operation. I always try to transfer a certain composure to all situations in life - especially tricky situations are easier to handle that way.

Last but not least: What can the members of the bdla Bavaria, as one of the largest state associations in Germany, expect from you and what is particularly important to you in the exchange with the federal association?

I see myself primarily as a service provider for the members of bdla Bavaria and therefore it is very important to me to be a reliable contact person for all members. Especially now, when many offices are facing considerable challenges due to the Corona pandemic, I would like to try to have an open ear for everyone. I will gladly maintain and further expand the good network of bdla Bavaria. This naturally includes professional exchange and constructive cooperation with our federal association, the other state associations and other associations and institutions in the industry. My focus will be on representing the interests of the members of bdla Bavaria diplomatically but energetically.


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