General Meeting bdla Bavaria on 19 February 2021

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The general meeting 2021 of the bdla Bavaria will take place on Friday, 19 February, beginning at 15:00. Due to the current situation, the meeting can only be held in digital form this time.

In the master program also in this year the carrier*innen of our bdla Nachwuchspreis will present their work starting from 17:30 o'clock and by us will be distinguished. Afterwards, we are particularly looking forward to the lecture by Prof. em. Peter Latz, who will be awarded honorary membership by the bdla in 2021 for his life's work on a national/international level (from 18:00).

We would be pleased if you, as a member, would make numerous use of the opportunity for joint discussion and have a say in the future of the professional association!

© Ulrich Stefan Knoll

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