Fair remuneration / VgV procedure: Survey of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects

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Support the fair remuneration of solution proposals - Survey on the effort involved in processing competitions and solution proposals in VgV procedures. Participation is possible until 5 May 2021!

The Bavarian Chamber of Architects would like to ask for your help: it regularly deals with enquiries about the appropriateness of the remuneration for proposed solutions in the context of award procedures. Be it that clients turn to the chamber or participants inquire about it. In order to determine the time required for the preparation of solution proposals and to develop recommendations based on this, the board of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects has set up the project group "Remuneration of Solution Proposals in VgV Procedures".

In order to fulfil this task, the project group would first like to evaluate the average amount of documents to be submitted and the effort required to process solution proposals and competition entries by means of a survey. In a second step, the results will be compared with the corresponding services of the HOAI 2021 and recommendations for an appropriate fee will be developed.

Support the work of the project group to determine appropriate remuneration for solution proposals! One survey form is to be completed per procedure. The survey is open until May 5, 2021.

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