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In thematic working groups, colleagues from Berlin and Brandenburg bundle their experiences and professional competences gathered in different regional and supra-regional focal points of activity. The aim of this intensive methodical exchange is the anchoring of best practice as well as communication with the professional and non-specialist public.

Decision-makers from politics and administration as well as building owners will find thematic platforms for consultation and discussion. In the section "focal points", colleagues form a professional network which, in addition to personal professional development, also enables the development of new fields of activity.

The working groups listed below are open to all members (and those who wish to become members). The named contact persons are available for information.

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Working group State Garden Shows


Working group Urban development

We deal with current issues from open space planning to urban redevelopment.


Working group Landscape Planning

The working group serves the professional exchange and, among other things, the content preparation of statements, lectures and events.


Working group Public Relations

The working group teaches the skills of landscape architects.


Working group Economy

The Economics Working Group addresses the issue of economics in the landscape architecture firm.


Participation in Architectural Associations

We represent the professional interests of landscape architects.



Hall of LA-Femme

Insights into the working world of female landscape architects from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Discover the portraits