Study-Up Award - Sponsorship Award of the bdla Lower Saxony Bremen goes to Mathis Hurst

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At the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, sponsorship prizes are awarded every year for outstanding achievements. The bdla Lower Saxony Bremen donates for the second time a prize for final theses of students in the fields of open space planning (B.Eng.), landscape development (B.Eng.), landscape construction (B.Eng.), landscape architecture (M.Eng.) and landscape architecture (M.Eng.) (Bachelor's and Master's theses) in order to promote creative young talent.

The aim is to recognize work that deals with current fields of activity for landscape architects, demonstrates integrative and innovative concepts and approaches in urban development or landscape planning, develops trend-setting design solutions or deals with the core competence "plant". Application-oriented approaches to solutions or new scientific methods are of particular interest.

The award for 2021 went to Mathis Hurst for his bachelor thesis on the topic:

"Habitats and connectivity structures of amphibians in a sub-area of the Osnabrück Green Finger "Kalkhügel". Starting point for the development of a multifunctional landscape."

Excerpt from the expert opinion of the bachelor thesis: "Thus, this work not only shows a great thematic breadth, which does justice to the complexity of the spatial situation and the variety of different functions and goes far beyond what can be expected in a bachelor thesis. In addition, Mathis Hurst succeeds in meeting the very different methodological requirements from the scientific-faunistic field, the structured use of GIS analytics and the field of landscape planning-creative working methods in a qualitatively high-quality way and in combining these fields in a meaningful way. The end result is an independently developed, well-structured and exemplary methodological approach." (Prof. Hubertus von Dressler, 2021)

The board of the bdla Lower Saxony Bremen congratulates Mathis Hurst very warmly on his outstanding thesis.

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