Competition landmarks decided

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Five places in Lower Saxony will be given a special radiance in the next few years through interventions that will shape their townscape. Which places these are and which projects are to be implemented were decided in July 2022 by an interdisciplinary jury headed by landscape architect Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher from the Technical University of Munich.

For example, a new "Gateway to the Mudflats" is being created on Borkum, a barrier-free adventure footbridge is being built on Nemitzer Heide, an old milking parlor is being turned into a landmark in Zetel, visitors to the winter sports resort of Altenau are being transported to the feeling of a ski jumper taking a jump, and the magic of the Rhume spring is being staged in Rhumspringe.

The "Landmarks" project was inspired by the landscape routes in Norway, where landscape locations of tourist interest were made more visible through architectural interventions. The interdisciplinary realization competition initiated by the Lower Saxony Chamber of Architects is accompanied by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. In addition, the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Building and Climate Protection, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Federal and European Affairs have participated in the selection of the five locations. The project is financed by funding from the state and federal governments under the ZILE directive.


The 1st prize for the "Gateway to the Mudflats" on Borkum went to the team rabe Landschaften | Arge Studio Urbane Landschaften, Hamburg with the artist group Observatorium, Rotterdam.

Altenau in the Upper Harz Mountains

In this selection, the jury awarded first place to the design by Annabau | Architektur und Landschaft, Berlin.

Nemitzer Heath

The winning design for "Between Sky and Heath" was created by el:ch | Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin with Lugauer | Bachmaier Architekten, Munich and Büro für faunistische Erfassungen, Münster (landscape ecology).

Milking parlor Schweinebrück in Zetel

Here the design of the team Dittel Architekten, Stuttgart with Heuschneider Landschaftsarchitekten, Rheda-Wiedenbrück received the first prize.


The 1st prize for the "Realm of the Mermaid" was again awarded to the team rabe Landschaften | Arge Studio Urbane Landschaften, Hamburg with the artist group Observatorium, Rotterdam.

More information about the competition can be found at Landmarken online/Architektenkammer Hannover.

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