General meeting and elections in Thuringia: Sören Gau new chairman

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On April 19, 2023, the annual general meeting of the Thuringia regional group was held in Erfurt. In accordance with the statutes, elections were held and we congratulate Mr. Sören Gau on his election as Chairman of the Board.

At the same time, we bid farewell to Mr. Wolfram Stock from active board membership. We thank him for his spirited commitment to our profession and his dedication to climate-adapted planning in cooperation with all disciplines. Mr. Stock has given the Thuringian state association a voice and a face. In the exchange with the Thuringian state politics, the Chamber of Architects, the friendly green associations and the friendly connection to the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, the bdla Thuringia can continue to rely on a network with many supporters.

The new chairman Sören Gau warmly welcomes all members and looks forward to the new challenge:

Welcome bdla executive committee

Welcoming words by the chairman Sören Gau

First of all I would like to thank you very much for the vote of confidence for the election of the chairman of the board in the last week on 19.04!

First of all a few words about my candidacy. Only when it became clear that one or the other comrade-in-arms: in this constellation proposed to you, made my cooperation as a condition for a further engagement, I began to think. With my candidacy I did not want to push myself into the foreground, but to make the work of the association in the team possible, before it had to fail possibly completely. Although I still have very little experience in association work, I have received a lot of support from the current board. I would like to express my special thanks for this. I will need your and your all help, advice and support compellingly in this office.

To my person

Since 2 years I am a bdla member, I don't even know all your names! I am 45 years old, happily married, have three children, have been a landscape architect for 20 years, live and work in Erfurt. I have also been able to gain several years of professional and life experience abroad. I have always been a mixture of passionate gardener and headworker and absolute advocate of interdisciplinarity in our professional field, have experience in team leadership in smaller and larger offices. My heart's passion is climate-appropriate design of open space in all its diversity.

About my candidacy

1. my motivation is the work of the bdla association, which always stands up for the interests of landscape architects in society and which has grown on me. 2. the possibility to make our beautiful profession better known by public actions.


  • It is important to me to determine the association goals and values of the coming years for a successful work together base-democratically. For this purpose, a closed meeting will be held soon, to which all members are cordially invited.
  • Proven and successful formats such as the Erfurt Dialogue, the open gardens, the New Year's Reception, etc. will be continued and adapted for younger colleagues. In the association the resources are to be distributed more fairly, means better load distribution of the tasks.
  • The implementation of a Central German Landscape Architecture Award 2024 together with Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt with great support of the federal association.
  • The focus on a cooperation with actors at the office door from the region. Visiting nurseries and tree nurseries in Thuringia. Establishment of a lively communication culture that excludes no one, and pays attention to a respectful tone.
  • Online continuing education program on current topics. Suggestions and contacts for discussion partners and topics are always welcome. Digital offers that address newcomers to the profession and non-bdla members are to be expanded.

So, once again, the journey is the destination. The question of the perspective in five or ten years is helpful. We need to continue working on these ideas.


The work in the association should be fun. That is important to the Executive Board. In this sense, I personally look forward to more togetherness and the active shaping of our national association. Up to at the latest to the retreat.

Best regards
Sören Gau

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