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Our working groups are a key driver of professional debate. We have briefly summarized all news from the working groups for you here (as of February / March 2020).

By the way: Further comrades-in-arms are always welcome, even non-members are explicitly invited to participate!

Landscape development working group

This is where the landscape plan is currently being rethought.

After intensive discussions in autumn 2019 and winter 2020, which the working group headed by Dr. Johannes Gnädinger with the State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection, the State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport, the Bavarian Association of Municipalities, the Bavarian Association of Cities and Towns, the State Office for the Environment (LfU), the Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) and other stakeholders, it is becoming apparent that the "landscape plan reset" envisaged by the working group, i.e. a contemporary new version of the landscape plan as a central, integrative instrument of spatial environmental precaution, has a good chance of becoming a Bavarian model project.

Kick-off meeting "Landscape plan reset" at the State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection (from left to right): Claus Hensold (LfU), Dr. Johannes Gnädinger (bdla), Christine Danner (LfU), Christoph Stein (StMUV), Evelin Köstler (ANL), Marion Linke (bdla), Martina Robitsch (StMUV), Andreas Rockinger (bdla), Paul-Bastian Nagel (ANL). Not in the picture: Ulrike Lorenz (StMUV). Photo: Paul-Bastian Nagel.

The working group sees the "Landscape Plan 2.0" as an ideal instrument for bringing together numerous future issues that are currently driving politics and society: Climate protection and adaptation, protection of biodiversity, green infrastructure, land conservation, material balance and cycles, and citizen participation.

According to the current state of discussion, the year 2020 could already become the initial phase, in which the detailed concept, the ministerial submission and the action guideline are developed and model municipalities are recruited. In the subsequent 3-year model phase, the application in model municipalities (e.g. one municipality per administrative district) and the feedback of experiences should take place.

Addendum 23 April: In May 2020, the ministerial submission for the model project "Landscape plan reset" will be completed. The AG Landschaftsentwicklung of bdla Bayern, the ANL and the LfU have already submitted their contributions.

Contact to the AG landscape development

AG Economy - Awarding, Fees, Law

Here one is engaged for a fair(r) assignment. And much more.

The working group under the leadership of Doris Grabner is organised as a "competence team" with different core competences of the contributors. There are no regular meetings, the exchange takes place by mail or telephone, depending on the topic. The working group is in regular exchange with the Bavarian Chamber of Architects and the working groups of the bdla Federal Association. The aim is to constantly expand the relevant training courses; in addition, the WG collects working papers on the topics of awarding contracts and competition as well as on business management ratios, controlling and personnel deployment in a list of recommendations.

In the meantime, a network for fair awarding has also been set up, the aim of which is to work in solidarity to bring about improvements in the tender documents of VgV procedures. You can register for the network by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of a contact person; further information on organisation and procedures will be distributed after registration.

Requests for training offers, further working papers / handouts and suggestions for initiatives of the WG are welcome!

Contact to the AG Economy

AG Young Landscape Architects

The future is promoted here - with two brand new formats.

The LA TALKS format is intended to provide new impulses and allow us to look beyond our own horizons. Topics from all areas of the architecture and creative scene should inspire and allow us to take a new look at our field of work. The event is primarily open to all young colleagues, regardless of bdla membership.

LA MENTORING - The mentoring programme is intended to offer young landscape architects the opportunity to exchange ideas with an experienced colleague in a spirit of trust and to consult him or her on profession-specific questions. The programme is available free of charge to all young employed and self-employed bdla members (up to 40 years of age). The mentors are themselves members of bdla Bavaria and undertake the mentoring activity on a voluntary basis.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating as a mentor or mentee, please contact:

  • Nicole M. Meier (Head AG Young Landscape Architects):
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Andreas Rockinger (Coordinator Mentoring-Program):
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact to the AG Young Landscape Architects

AG Cultural Treasure Planning Heritage

Safeguarding history. Making experience accessible.

At the end of 2019, the working group headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Swantje Duthweiler succeeded in finding a suitable archive room for securing landscape architects' legacies at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. The room, which is located in the central main building and is easily accessible via a lift even with heavy or bulky archives, is currently being prepared for archive use. At the same time, the first bequests have already been accepted, including those of Peter Kluska, Dore Müller, Prof. Richard Hansen and Prof. Klaus Neumann (slide collection).

Archive space for securing landscape architects' estates at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. © Swantje Duthweiler

In all matters concerning the archiving of landscape architects' estates, the working group and the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences are in close exchange with the archive of the TU Munich (Prof. Regine Keller) and the Architekturmuseum der TU München (Prof. Dr. Andres Lepik, Director). The aim is for archiving and cataloguing to be carried out in the same way as at the TUM archive.

In the medium term, research applications are to be submitted for scientific processing and archiving, and in the short term, initial viewing and processing is to take place with Bachelor's and Master's theses. In the long term, thematic collections are envisaged, e.g. on the history of landscape planning in Bavaria, on the development of green systems in Bavarian cities, on sustainable and environmentally compatible planning in Bavaria or on Richard Hansen and important plant planners in his environment. In the long term, it also seems important to digitise estates and make them accessible to researchers and interested parties via the internet.

Contct to the AG Cultural Treasure Planning Heritage

AG Climate Protection

Become active now!

The first months of 2020 were marked by the expansion of the network with various groups in Munich (e.g. GreenCity, Architects 4 Future) as well as by the first events and cooperations of our own.

At the end of January, Andrea Heil presented the principles of sustainable building from Cradle to Cradle and Architects 4 Future at Alte Utting. Together with Andreas Rockinger from the board of bdla Bavaria, the WG was invited to a first contact at the Department of Health and Environment (RGU) at the end of January. Numerous topics that had been defined as wishes and goals in the WG have since been forwarded as demands by the RGU to the building department, such as biodiversity roofs or a minimum level of façade greening on new public buildings in the city of Munich. On 13 February, members of the RGU were invited as speakers together with the wild herb expert Marion Rickert to a lecture evening of the Munich Green Party on the topic of gardens in climate change and wild herbs in urban spaces. At the beginning of March, the WG was involved in an event on the topic of façade greening, which was held in cooperation with Wolfgang Heidenreich (Green City) and Rainer Hofmann (Bogevischs Büro).

Some members of the WG contributed to the development of a position paper by the Architects 4 Future. This paper contains numerous demands to the Munich City Council on sustainable, resource-saving building and can be viewed at

The next goal of the WG is to create a FAQ list in which concrete questions related to landscape architecture, climate change and sustainability will be answered briefly and concretely.

The upcoming WG meeting is in coordination. If you are interested, please contact the WG leadership.

Contact to the AG Climate Protection

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