On our own behalf: The work of the association is alive. And how!

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Dear colleagues,

Since we are often asked by you what the association actually does for the profession, we have highlighted the year 2021 for you as an example.

It has to be said, however, that not all topics and certainly not all - voluntarily - active members could be mentioned in the following. - who are active for and in the state association could be mentioned.

If, after reading this, you suddenly feel like becoming actively involved or can imagine becoming a member: Please contact our office, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Josh Wither via Unsplash

Josh Wither via Unsplash

Making Bavarian Landscape Architecture more visible!

A milestone in 2021 was the ceremonial awarding of the first bdla prize in 2020. Bavarian Landscape Architecture Award. The initiative, which was promoted by the federal association as a state pilot project, awarded prizes to worthy landscape architecture in Bavaria for the first time in July and gave it more visibility in an exemplary manner. With numerous submissions in various categories, a great media response as well as prominent sponsors and the Bavarian Minister of the Environment as patron, the start was a success. The format will be continued directly with the new award in January 2022.

Continuing education where useful and necessary.

Another focus was the further education of our members. The bdla Bavaria organised multi-part training series on four topics: climate-friendly construction, climate-friendly greening of buildings, BIM for landscape were the focus, followed by a further block on technical standards and current legal topics starting in November.

Strengthening advocacy, thinking outside the box.

In order to represent the interests of the profession appropriately, the bdla Bavaria to the Chamber election 2021 again organized its own list. With success: in the coming election period, landscape architects will have an additional seat in the "Bavarian architectural parliament" and will be represented by a vice president for the first time. Due to pressing global as well as environmental and socio-political issues, which we centrally link to our expertise as landscape architects, we will push forward essential course-setting in the next five years.

Creating our own positions: our WGs and the next generation.

Speaking of the future and challenges: The AG Climate Protection under the direction of Markus Schäf resumed its work at full speed in March 2021 after an enforced break due to Corona. In addition to regular, thematically prepared digital AG meetings, specialist tours are always on the agenda. A hybrid format meeting is also in the pipeline for summer 2022.

Our junior speakers are also working on the future, regularly addressing young professionals with their own formats. What this is able to perform will be seen in January 2022, when once again the Young talent awards of the bdla Bavaria are assigned. Permanent support for the young talent theme is provided by board member Nicole Meier, who is actively involved in shaping the future of the next generation on many levels.

In the AG Economy under the direction of Doris Grabner it went around two, ever more at creativity and know-how demanding task fields: Awarding procedures and contract design/fee agreements, both focal points with the aim of paving the ground for all building culture ambitions within daily project work through co-design, enlightenment and assistance, so that commitment and idealism find space and means for implementation.
Since both focal points can be considered neither limited to the professional group of landscape architects nor to the region of Bavaria, the involvement in superordinate institutions (working groups bdla Bund / committees of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects) was essential. The Chamber of Architects is currently working on a leaflet on the evaluation and determination of appropriate remuneration for proposed solutions in award procedures.
The introduction of a traffic light system for regional award procedures (online platform with classification of procedures for fairness and compliance with the legal situation) is more than under discussion via the Competence Team for Award and Competition of the BYAK and Interreg funding from the EU. As an interim solution, the AG Ökonomie is in charge of a network for fair awarding. This network encourages the joint improvement of tenders and serves as an information network. Registration at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The network initiated by the AG Landscape Development of the bdla Bavaria, initiated under the leadership of the StMUV, for the further development of the landscape plan now officially operates under the title "Landscape planning in Bavaria - municipal and innovative. Paving the way for future-oriented cities and communities". At the start a survey was carried out among Bavarian municipalities to determine their experiences with landscape planning as well as wishes and needs for future, sustainability-oriented municipal development. Currently, the partner municipalities are being selected with whom the content-related and methodological work is to be carried out jointly. A "Landscape Summit" is already being prepared for April 5, 2022, to be held in Munich. Board member Dr. Johannes Gnädinger, on a case-by-case basis also the AK Landscape Development, will continue to continuously accompany the process as representatives of bdla Bavaria.

Commitment to the profession. Comrades-in-arms welcome!

"Besides is the Board of Directors of the bdla Bavaria, above all the chairmen Professor Dr.-Ing. Swantje Duthweiler and Andreas Rockinger, again and again in contact with Ministries, authorities or local central associations and looks for the discussion to organizations, initiatives and alliances from architecture and society. Position papers are drafted, alliances forged, cooperations entered into.

Last, but not least: At the general meeting in early 2022, elections for the board of directors are on the agenda. We would be pleased if many members would make use of their right to speak and vote and actively engage in the bdla network for the next three years - in the sense of an energetic and influential association for the profession in the future.

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