Visit from France: Study on landscape architecture education

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Florian Collignon, a young French landscape architect graduated in Angers (France), visited bdla Bavaria on March 29, 2023. Dr. Johannes Gnädinger welcomed the guest.

In a collective of authors, Florian Collignon is working on a study on the future development of landscape architecture education in Angers and France as a whole. For this purpose, an exchange was sought with the Federation of Swiss Landscape Architects (BSLA), with a partner university in Canada as well as with the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) and bdla Bavaria.

© Johannes Gnädinger

© Johannes Gnädinger

The focus is on future training structures as well as today's professional goals, tasks and transformations. Johannes Gnädinger explained to him the structures at the HSWT and the TU Munich during a joint tour in Weihenstephan and some spontaneous conversations with Prof. Auweck, Stefanie Gruber, Prof. Luz and Prof. Weilacher.

Afterwards, Florian Collignon and Johannes Gnädinger discussed the contents of the fields of open space planning, landscape planning and landscape construction management in Germany at the bdla office. Likewise the most important activities of the bdla in Bavaria and in the federal association were presented and discussed.

The study of Florian Collignon and Kolleg:innen will be finished in the coming months. Prof. Udo Weilacher recommended to translate it into German and English - if necessary with the support of ECLAS - in order to make it known also beyond France and to stimulate a nationwide and Europe-wide discussion of training and professional development.

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