Florian Otto takes over professorship at the University of Kassel

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The department of "Landscape Architecture | Technology" at the University of Kassel has been re-staffed and realigned with Prof. Florian Otto for the winter semester 2023/24. In future, its research and teaching will be devoted in greater depth to the sustainable transformation of the built environment and the development of climate-resilient public open spaces.

Lisa-Maxine Klein | Copyright: Uni Kassel

Lisa-Maxine Klein | Copyright: Uni Kassel

Florian Otto studied landscape architecture at the Technical University of Munich and at KVL Copenhagen. He taught, among others, at the TU Munich, the ETH Zurich, the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and most recently as a visiting professor for landscape aesthetics in design at the University of Kassel. Since 2003 he is managing director and partner in the transdisciplinary network bauchplan ).(.

We wish our member a good start and much success!

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