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Award ceremony Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Prize 2022 to "Neue Ufer" in Überlingen

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The competition for the Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Award 2022 has been decided. First prize goes to "Neue Ufer" in Überlingen, designed by relais Landschaftsarchitekten Heck Mommsen PartGmbH, Berlin.

In their meeting on December 02, 2021, the nine jurors appointed by the bdla Baden-Württemberg, led by the jury chair Prof. Ulrike Böhm, Urban Planning Institute / Open Space Design, University of Stuttgart, sifted through 24 nominated projects.

Nachrichten - Baden-Württemberg · 01. March 2022

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ASAP: New edition of professional criteria for landscape architecture

The bdla is an active member of the accreditation association and has contributed to the update.

News • 21.09.2021

Inspire for the profession

An interview with Marion Linke, bdla spokesperson for training, on the work of the working group, Friday for Future and the initiative to recruit young talent.

News • 11.06.2021

Downloads on Education and training

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